By Malene Birger Fall Winter 2017

”This season I kept returning to Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie ‘Scarface’. She’s so fearless and sexy, and I love the scene in the nightclub when she’s with Al Pacino. Everyone’s looking at her, she’s the most beautiful woman in the room. But she barely notices all the men staring at her, she’s dancing in her own world. That’s our woman this season, strong and self-determined, dressing to impress herself. There is a mix of references. I like the freshness of sportswear, but we really elevated it in a super luxurious way with beautiful fabrics like fur and silk, with lots of shimmer. Like women, it’s complex.”

”In Scandinavia we are comfortable with the idea of powerful women. I wanted to embrace the free-spiritedness of the Scandinavian mind-set. This is a confident woman dressing to express her mood and how she feels in the moment. And I wanted to show her playful streak. Danish women are quick to laugh. The worst thing you can do is take yourself too seriously.”
Christina Exsteen, Creative Director, By Malene Birger