By Malene Birger Spring Summer 2017

“I’ve been travelling a lot to Los Angeles recently, and pinned up in the studio I have photo by Terry O’Neill of Faye Dunaway the morning after winning an Oscar for 'Network'. Faye is lounging by the pool of the Beverly Hills Hotel in a gorgeous silk nightgown, looking a little dazed in the 6am morning light. Like it’s all a beautiful dream. I wanted that old Hollywood glamour and sexiness for the collection, but in a totally modern way. It needs to be personal and relaxed – and to work around our lives. So the collection is also inspired by relaxed and laidback LA style now – women who curate their wardrobes to work around their lives. It’s about the freedom and independence to wear what feels right. Spring/Summer is about pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident. I find that really powerful.”
Christina Exsteen, Creative Director, By Malene Birger