Made with Care

We design with longevity and low-impact output in mind, so we consider the full life cycle of our product – from the fibres and materials used, all the way to the customer and ultimately, the end of its life cycle. Our aim is to make long-lasting investment pieces with a conscious approach. We are dedicated to both circular design with a holistic approach to business, and to creating a curated wardrobe for the contemporary bohemian. Made with Care is the metric we use to describe a garment that has met our internal standards of responsibility. A Made with Care piece must be composed of at least 50% preferred or certified materials.

To ensure we’re consistently becoming more responsible, we’ve developed our Preferred Materials List which classifies our fibres from better to best, to those we will eventually phase out as they don’t meet our internal standards of responsibility.

Marked in bold are fibres that we are currently using, others we may use in time or we are planning to use. This list will constantly change as we move towards becoming a more responsible brand.

A = Fibres that are certified, recycled, fast renewing and/or biodegradable – as well as responsible man-made innovations.

B = Fibres that are certified or traceable and the better fibre choices of today – in respect of animal rights and environmental impact.

C = Traditional, conventional fibres where better alternative options are available in the market.

D = Fibers we aim to urgently phase out if we haven’t already due to high process chemical usage, water usage, and lack of control over animal welfare.