Press release
The Mixtape: a statement in sound and style
13 November 2018

This holiday season, our Mixtape Print makes sure the By Malene Birger woman is tapping her foot non-stop to a soundtrack of music and style.

Designed to appeal to a nostalgic mood, the mixtape no doubt brings back memories of decades gone by, of a world where what you might find on an especially-for-you mixtape could soundtrack a season and stay with you forever. While digital now dominates, our print using the cassette means we can go down memory lane even in the world of music streaming. The print is found across a sweatshirt, T-shirt, sweater and shirt - as well as on accessories like a keychain. Wearing it on repeat goes without saying - as does ‘remember this?’ conversations.

We like to curate a moment at By Malene Birger. That is why, to celebrate the launch of our Mixtape Collection, we have collaborated with Marie Barfod, aka DJ Fedty, our favourite Danish DJ, who regularly plays on the radio as well as showcasing her playful but chic style to fans online. Fedty has curated a custom made Spotify playlist for us, so our By Malene Birger woman can listen to our mood while wearing her Mixtape sweatshirt. Comprising only female artists, the 23 track playlist is exactly what we want to hear now. It features modern pop from Hannah Diamond and Kali Uchis as well as classics like Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner, and will be available on our site as well as Spotify.

The golden era of cassettes might be over but with the Mixtape Collection, By Malene Birger bring style and sound together again. And, of course, rewinds come as standard.

For questions please contact Brand & PR Manager Lotte Skovgaard Nielsen,