Who we are

By Malene Birger was founded with a passionate belief that women can dress to feel strong and confident. The spirit of the brand means we have a playful approach to colours and materials, but we stay sophisticated and empowering. We create clothes to treasure, making sure each season is a continuation of what came before. The result is a 360 degree wardrobe for the By Malene Birger woman.

Art, travel and the busy lives of women are the inspiration for our collections. We also want to design collections that reflect our Scandinavian heritage. Across ready-to-wear, shoes and bags, we make sure each item is beautiful, purposeful, and feels relevant to the lives of the women for whom it is designed.

What we mean to you

Being successful and feminine is no longer an either/or situation. Think of By Malene Birger as a sartorial sidekick, one that appeals to modern women on their terms, and provides wardrobe solutions stylishly. We're a brand that champions a community of like-minded women, we want to help you all feel empowered, confident and –well– like you. That’s why we make clothes that allow you to live your life, enjoy it and, of course, look great.

What we stand for

At By Malene Birger, we embrace the world with sophistication, wanderlust and –always– a soupçon of playfulness. We are informed, international and we always appreciate a touch of decadence. We have a taste for the exotic, and we explore places unfamiliar to our everyday. We love to bring home artefacts and experiences that become part of our universe. Above all, we always remember to keep a sense of humour when life gets a lot. We are a brand that never takes ourselves too seriously.

Our commitment

By Malene Birger is on a never-ending quest to find impactful and sustainable solutions. We aren't sanctimonious about sustainability, but we are constantly aware, and we always strive to make a positive contribution to the future. That's because we have always believed in creating timeless and long lasting wardrobes for empowered women. They're long-lasting because the clothes are designed with the greatest care and quality fabrics and transcend seasons to become classic wardrobe staples. We hope that when you have a By Malene Birger item, you want to live in it forever and carefully pass it on.

We regularly partner with organisations that work to help people around the world. This year, that means Bike & Bloom, a social enterprise in Copenhagen that helps refugee women into work, hiring them to sell bouquets from flower bikes in the city. They provided bouquets for invitees to our SS19 show, and we partner with them on flowers at our HQ, and any time we need to send the prettiest of ‘thank yous’.